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Emergency Contacts for Renters & After Hours Maintenance Guide

Emergency Repairs – Ray White Office Policy

Should an urgent maintenance repair become apparent after Ray White South Morang’s office hours (being 9:00am – 5:00pm Monday- Friday ) please call the office on 9404-1222 and leave a message on our after hours service so we can action the necessary repairs first thing the following business day and please email your Property Manager.

For any general maintenance, please email your property manager and they will get in contact with you as soon as possible. No general maintenance will be attended to after hours.

  • Here you will find a Maintenance Trouble Shooting Guide, This includes a list of our preferred tradespeople who can attend to your urgent repairs.
  • Call the correct tradesperson for your repair. Please let them know you rent your property through us, so they can contact us during business hours if further works need to be completed. Please be respectful to our trades at all times.
  • Please email your Property Manager to inform them that you have called a tradesperson and they will be in contact on the next business day to follow up on the repair.

Maintenance will be attended to in a timely manner. If parts need to be ordered, these may not be available on a weekend or a public holiday and therefore a small delay may occur with completing the maintenance.

If a repair is identified as renter misuse or damage, the rental provider reserves the right to pass on the invoice for payment. This invoice will be issued by Ray White South Morang and payable within 14 days on invoice.

Anything on this list is legally defined as an urgent repair:

  • burst water service
  • blocked or broken toilet system
  • serious roof leak
  • gas leak
  • dangerous electrical fault
  • flooding or serious flood damage
  • serious storm or fire damage
  • an essential service or appliance for hot water, water, cooking, heating or laundering is not working
  • the gas, electricity or water supply is not working
  • a cooling appliance or service provided by the rental provider is not working
  • the property does not meet minimum standards
  • a safety-related device, such as a smoke alarm or pool fence, is not working
  • an appliance, fitting or fixture that is not working causes a lot of water to be wasted
  • any fault or damage in the property that makes it unsafe or insecure, including pests, mould or damp caused by or related to the building structure
  • a serious problem with a lift or staircase


Electrician – CLG Electrics 0402 140 955
Plumber – Lloyd Plumbing 0419 107 151
Locksmith – Locks Unlimited 0411 493 550

Contact numbers for Extreme Emergencies:

SES can promptly come out to make an extreme emergency repair temporarily safe as they are available 24/7. You also have the right to contact other qualified tradespeople should the need arise.